Line and Shade
Quay Arts, Michael West Gallery, 2014

Laura Hathaway and Howard Hardiman.

'Line & Shade', an exhibition funded by Arts Council England showcasing the works of emerging Island artists Laura Hathaway and Howard Hardiman. Both artists worked towards this joint exhibition after being selected as artists in residence at Jubilee Stores.

Start-up Studio was an initiative set up by Quay Arts for two artists sharing a studio space without charge whilst recieving creative mentoring with Art Advisor Jonathan Parsons of Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth for one year. The projects aim was to build the sector of artists and makers on the Isle of Wight by supporting new creative businesses, retaining and nurturing talent. Line & Shade was the final culmination of this year long process.

Pieces were formed from extensive creative dialogue and exploratory discussions focusing around the subconscious, ritual, geometry and form. Laura's psychological, minimalist sculptural pieces and Howard's prints and paintings play against one another - a meticulous, obsessive process with transformation uniting their works.