Joanne Hummel-Newell, Adam Gillam, Hermione Allsopp and Laura Hathaway

Curated by Joanne Hummel-Newell

IM IN THE GARDEN is an exhibition resulting from an 18-month arts council funded residency working from an allotment shed. 

Joanne Hummel-Newell has invited 3 artists to exhibit new works alongside her own exploring issues such as social integration and circular economy at the artist run space, Depozitory.

Integration is a major new work which responds to human planting systems and social integration. Joanne has drawn comparisons between the patterns of planting arrangements created by allotment gardeners to encourage growth and the social segregation patterns which we are currently witnessing at a time of hardening attitudes to both disadvantaged people and immigrants.

Having spent time exploring various aspects of the allotment, from planting cycles to characters within the community, Joanne became interested in the plot owners' resourcefulness when using materials. She has taken some of the unique and sometimes eccentric ways of creating structures out of salvaged materials for building sheds, bird scarers, intricate wires, nets and pole systems for supporting plant growth as inspiration for the selection and curation of a series of works by other artists, which will be exhibited in the gallery alongside her own.

Rainbow Garden is a satellite exhibition consisting of a public artwork displayed on Platform 2 at Ryde Esplanade train station, which was commissioned by Community Rail Partnership and Arts Council England.

A mobile greenhouse created by Joanne Hummel-Newell and Laura Hathaway will be displayed in the Depozitory grounds throughout the duration of the exhibition and will be part of the Ryde Illuminated Carnival Procession in September. 

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